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The Benefits of Online Learning

Are you thinking about changing your career? Or looking to build your own business but is tied up with current job, family and kids to even attend night school or short courses?

Aesthetics Pro School of Beauty provides variety of online beauty courses. Allow you to easily complete the course at home and become an esthetics professional. You can study anywhere, at any time of your convenience. Therefore, your work and your family will not be affected by the online learning.

Our online beauty courses meet all your needs. You can learn at anytime, at your own pace, and spend more times mastering the lessons you find difficult. The course allows you to quickly absorb the content through easy-to-understand unit design patterns. It includes: detailed theoretical notes and high-definition practical videos. You don't need to have knowledge of the beauty industry to benefit from our courses. Studying should be an enjoyable experience where you can gain satisfaction and develop your career, skills, knowledge and personal confidence.

Step-by-Step Training

The online course offers both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part will cover key elements of how to become esthetics professionals. To provide the training that will help you succeed, both the theoretical and practical parts of the course are designed as units for easy understanding. For example, the steps of esthetics services, the precautions for each gesture, the operation procedures and introduction of beauty equipment, the products used in professional skincare… etc. You will learn how to implement these into related goals in the theoretical part.  After each unit is completed, the system will lead you to challenge homework or exams before you enter the practical part.


We Successfully navigate your way towards to Esthetics Professional
  • Full 24/7 Access To Your Coursework

  • Anywhere, Anytime

  • 100% Online Study, Exam & Skills Practice

  • Live Time Digital Theory Book

  • Get Your Mark Right After The Exam

  • International Recognized Certification

  • Receive Your Certificate in 14 days


Online theory followed by in person hands-on training
online learning is ready for all beautician course

STEP 1 :

Learn your fundamental theory and core skills through 360 system. Client safety, product and machine knowledge, facial anatomy, consultations and more in the online theory portions -- complete this on your own time.

hands on practical is availabe in AESP Online Course

STEP 2 :

Once you complete the online theory and skills videos, attend one of our in person hands-on trainings. Course duration depends on course selected, average length is 32 to 60 hours long.

post training opportunity available - AESP Beauty Online Course

STEP 3 :

Upon graduating from at least one course, apply to join the "Student Work Program", you'll have the option to access our facility, products, and platforms to bring in your own clients*. Contact us for more information about the Student Work Program.

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