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Admission Policies

( Local Students )

Entrance is open to career-minded people who would be able to obtain and utilize the skills taught and become employed. Prospective students must meet the Admission Requirements :

  1. The minimum age to study is 17 years old.

  2. A copy of any picture ID.

  3. A reference letter may required on some advanced beauty course​


To help you achieve excellence in esthetics, we have established these guidelines to ensure fairness, understanding and positive work habits among our students. Because every student is a future employee, manager or entrepreneur, you must meet these standards of professionalism, which will prepare you for the demands of your future career.


Aesthetics Pro maintains an aesthetic standard for students, which encompass all aspects of personal hygiene, grooming, and a strict dress code requirement. Students are to arrive at school groomed, in full uniform, and in compliance with all appearance standards. The dress code is required if a student is clocked in and accruing hours.

Aesthetics Pro reserves the right to maintain an aesthetic standard for all students. This includes personal hygiene, grooming and, to the extent appropriate, appropriate facial hair and standard dress-code adherence. The professional appearance of students includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Shirts ( supplied in student kit ) : Students must wear professional solid black short or long sleeved shirts. The shirt cannot have print on it unless it is our School Logo. Students cannot wear hooded shirts. Undergarments and midriff may not be visible. Uniforms may apply in some courses.

  2. Pants: Students must wear professional full length solid black pants.

  3. Skirts and Dresses: Skirts and Dresses are not acceptable.

  4. Nails: Students’ nails must be clean, well groomed, and professional in appearance. Students’ nails may be colored ( except Nail students can keep in long nail )

  5. Footwear: Students must wear professional solid black footwear that covers the heel and toe. If students wear socks, they must be black.

  6. Apron ( supplied in student kit ) : It must be clean, neat, not torn, unstained, unaltered, and worn at all times when in the building.

  7. Student Identification (options): Student name tags are to be worn as issued during all clocked hours to identify students and staff to guests. If lost, the student must replace it, at a cost of $10.00 or be dismissed until in compliance.

  8. Electronic Devices: Students may be asked to remove cell phones, headphones or other electronic devices if they are deemed a distraction or inspiring unprofessional behavior. Failure to comply will be considered a minor violation. Personal electronic devices cannot be used during exams.

  9. Aroma: Students CANNOT wear perfume.

  10. Head Attire: Students may wear headbands provided that they do not cover more than 1/3 of the head. Students may not wear any other head attire unless for a religious purpose.

There  may be opportunities for students to dress differently on designated days.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

  1. Food, candy, beverages, and gum are allowed in the lunchroom area only.

  2. Aesthetics Pro is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not allowed on school property.

  3. Students are responsible for their own personal property and students should not bring valuable items to the institute. The institute is not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing personal items.

  4. Student kits* are to be used for assigned services only. Only authorized solicitation of products, merchandise or services will be considered professional.

  5. For the student to perform professional services, Aesthetics Pro provides students with kits. Students must inventory and label their kits. If anything needs to be repaired at the time the student receives the kit, the item(s) will be sent to the vendor for repair. Each student is responsible to have his/her kit complete and all of its contents maintained during school hours. The kit is to be used only on guests and is not intended for personal use. If any kit items are missing or damaged, the student must immediately replace the items. This means that students have to purchase missing items of the same or similar quality with their own money or retail vouchers. Aesthetics Pro is not responsible for missing or stolen items.

  6. Stealing, cheating, defacing or damaging student or school equipment and/or property will result in termination and require monetary restitution.

  7. LANGUAGE TRANSLATORS AND LANGUAGE DICTIONARY USE - When English is not a student’s first language, Students will be allowed to use a paper language dictionary during written tests if requested. Electronic translators will not be permitted.


For the purpose of Canada student funding, Aesthetics Pro must consider a funded student as withdrawn under any of the following circumstances:

  1. As per section 6 (c) of the Canada Institution Designation Agreement, when a student has missed 5 consecutive class days ( not apply in program less than 90 days ) without contacting the institution, before or during the absence, to provide a reasonable excuse. In this case, the effective date of the student’s withdrawal is the first of the five days that the student was absent and shall notify the Minister in accordance with this section.

  2. When a student with a reasonable excuse is absent for more than 30 consecutive days, the effective date of the withdrawal is the first day during this period that the student was absent.

  3. When a student has excessive absences that will prevent him/her from successfully completing the program within the scheduled study period. In this case the effective date of student’s withdrawal is the last day that the student was in attendance.


The institutional refund policy applies to all withdrawals and terminations for any reason. To terminate the enrollment contract, students must send written notice to the Program Director or student in person requesting the withdrawal form. Refunds must be issued to what and who originally paid the tuition.

The institutional refund policy is as follows :

  1. CAD $500 application fees are non-refundable. ( not apply to program less than 90days )

  2. If the school cancelled the program before the program begins, the school will provide a refund of all money paid.

  3. If the institute is permanently closed and no longer offers instruction prior to or after a student has enrolled, the student is entitled to a full refund of all money paid.

  4. The program does not begin by the start date of the contract and the student chooses to terminate the contract as a result, the student is entitled to a full refund of all money paid.

  5. If a student contract is terminated after the program begins, the student is entitled to the following amounts of the tuition fees:

(a) Course 90 days or more - when 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, the student is entitled to 75% of the tuition fees refund.

(b) when more than 10% but 50% or less of the training has been provided, the student is entitled to 40% of the tuition fees refund.

(c)  when more than 50% of the training has been provided, the school will retain all paid tuition fees.

(d) Course less than 15 days – when training has been provided between 1 -3 days, the student is entitled to 50% of the tuition fees refund.

(e) Course less than 15 days – no refund when training has been provided for more than 3 days.

**Any student expelled from AESTHETICS PRO for any reason is not eligible for a refund **​

Refunds take up to six weeks to process

Amounts paid by Visa or MasterCard are refunded to the card originally used to make payment unless the card is expired.

  • Refunds to international accounts are made via the same person and method received.

  • All other refunds are issued by cheque or Interact. 

  • Students are responsible for updating their address with the Office of the Registrar.

  • Sponsored Students refunds will be issued directly to the sponsor. 

  • Any student suspended or expelled from Aesthetics Pro for any reason, is not eligible for a refund.​


( not apply to program less than 90 days )

Aesthetics Pro is a clock hour institution, and as a result tracking students’ time at school is very important. Instructors take attendance in class each day and record the number of hours students earn in an attendance book. In addition, students must clock in at the beginning of the day and at the end of the school day.

It is the student’s responsibility to review the time clock reports weekly for accuracy.

Any adjustments to the students’ time clock entries need to be corrected within one week of receiving the time reports and must be communicated through an educator along with the corresponding time clock adjustment form to the registrar’s office.​​

Attendance Progress Evaluations

Attendance Progress Evaluations Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the hours possible based on the applicable attendance schedule in order to be considered maintaining the Satisfactory Academic Progress. Evaluations are conducted at the end of each evaluation period to determine if the student has met the minimum requirements. The attendance percentage is determined by dividing the total hours accrued by the total number of hours scheduled. At the end of each evaluation period, Aesthetics Pro will determine if the student has maintained at least 80% cumulative attendance since the beginning of the program which indicates that, given the same attendance rate, the student will graduate within the maximum time frame allowed.​​


Students who fail to meet requirements on any level will be given a written WARNING notice stating that they have one pay period to meet the requirements for satisfactory progress. If the student does not make satisfactory progress at the end of the WARNING period, the student will be determined to be not making satisfactory progress and will be terminated.​


Cheating, plagiarism, unapproved collaboration, alteration of records, bribery, falsification of information, use of aids that have not been expressly permitted by instructors, theft or solicitation of another student’s assignments, paperwork, tests, or personal belongings, and intentionally attempting to assist another student to commit any act of academic dishonesty, will not be tolerated.​


Failure to pay tuition or other fees due to the school is considered a debt to the school. Students may be expelled if fees are not paid after the school has provided written warning.


Aesthetics Pro is bound by federal laws to protect the privacy of the students. The School respects the right to privacy of its students and is committed to safeguarding the personal information of each student and graduate. Aesthetics Pro will not disclose a student’s personal information without a prior written consent of the student.

Aesthetics Pro we protects the personal information collected from students, graduates, staff and other business partners. This includes the training of employees and the establishment of control systems for responsible use of personal information that is accessible to employees while performing work-related duties. The School directs its employees to exercise caution when disclosing personal information to others. Access to personal information is limited to the following:

  • An individual accessing student's personal information

  • An employee of the School with authorized access based on a legitimate academic or business need

  • Any organization or person authorized by the individual to receive the information

  • Authorized Legal Agent/Government Body/Representative under the circumstance where the school complies with the release of personal information

  • Individuals or entity as permitted by law where deemed to be necessary for reasonable conduct of school business​


Students will fill out the complaint form which has been provided to the student during the orientation day, and present this to the main office. ▪ The main office will ensure that the complainant is notified of the decision, in writing, with the Director’s response.

  • Students will fill out the complaint form which has been provided to the student during the orientation day, and present this to the main office. The main office will ensure that the complainant is notified of the decision, in writing, with the Director’s response.

  • The school will establish the difference between a concern and a complaint. Taking informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage may prevent the issue from worsening.

  • The school will respect confidentiality at all times.


  1. Satisfactory progress in both written and practical work has been maintained at 80% or above.

  2. Satisfactory attendance has been maintained at 80% or above.

  3. All tuition requirements have been met

  4. Final school examinations both written and practical have been passed with a score of 80% or above.

  5. Be current on all fees and payment obligations

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