Stop Red Ampoule 特效紓緩精華 30ml

Stop Red Ampoule - Intensive Anti-Redness Concentrate 30ml 


鎮靜,抗紅精華液,適用於敏感脆弱,過敏易紅,微血管擴張如玫瑰痤瘡傾向或嬌嫩不適,抵抗力弱,易受外界侵害的膚質。 輕柔、溫和的配方提供即時的舒適感,層次有序地改善膚質和外觀。


成份蜂皇再生肽+聚醣•穩定維生素E 1%•荷荷巴油•海藻糖•甘草次酸•仿生態神經酰胺CPX 2%••燕麥多酚 0.04%


使用方法 : 早、晚於潔面及爽膚後,均勻塗於面、頸部,或局部塗於需要位置,使用後需塗上活化抗齡霜或抗氧化抗齡霜。


Characteristics: Calming, anti-redness concentrate suitable for sensitive, reactive, couperose-prone or delicate skin irritated by external aggressors. The soft and gentle formula provides an immediate sensation of comfort and gradually improves skin quality and appearance.

ACTIVE INGREIENTS: biomimetic ceramide cpx 4%: balances and strengthens the skin’s barrier function, protecting it against external aggressors.
avenanthramide D 0.04%: relieves the skin and reduces both temporary and persistent redness.
ROYALACTIN EPI-peptide, glycans.

Stop Red Ampoule 特效紓緩精華 30ml

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