Skin Regenerating Retinol Serum bottle 重建修復精華 15ml

Skin Regenerating Retinol Serum bottle 重建修復精華 15ml


特性 : 純微脂囊高濃度維生素A – RETINOL,強而有力的抗衰老及平復瑕疵功能。特別為平復皺紋、黑斑、不均勻膚色、暗瘡疤印及毛孔粗大的問題膚質而設。膚質得以改善從而回復充滿活力的亮麗年輕肌膚。


活性成分 : 微脂囊維生素A : 純微脂囊高濃度維生素A , 儲存於預設的微脂囊中從而可更穩定地完整而分層地滲透至皮膚底層,有效地預防皺紋、平衡油脂、減少任何情況所形成的瑕疵問題。

REVIVYLTM : 刺激幹細胞更生及保護表皮“微細益生菌”

透明質酸: 重整及強化皮膚水份,平滑肌膚表皮

乙醯葡糖胺: 刺激新生透明質酸,以水份濕潤度支撐肌膚並強化濕度

海藻醣 : “復活糖”,保濕及保護




Characteristics: a pure and micro-encapsulated retinol concentrate with a powerful anti-ageing and anti imperfection action. The special encapsulation technology protects the retinol from the degradation, delivers it through the various layers of the skin and promotes its gradual release over time, for a prolonged and more gentle effect on the skin. Specially designed to combat wrinkles, dark spots, uneven complexion, post-acne scars and dilated pores. Re-textures the skin giving it a more youthful, revitalised appearance.
Apply in the two treatments proAGE and skinREFINE - high intensity
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : MICRO-ENCAPSULATED RETINOL: pure and highly stable micro-encapsulated retinol. Re-texturises the skin., reducing wrinkles and imperfections
REVIVYLTM : stimulates stem cell skin renewal and protects the skin microbiome.
HYALURONIC ACID : regulates skin hydration and smoothes out the surface of the skin.
N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE : stimulates the production of new hyaluronic acid, flooding the skin with moisture and boosting hydration.
TREHALOSE : “resurrection sugar”, hydrating and protective.
15ml bottle with dropper

Skin Regenerating Retinol Serum bottle 重建修復精華 15ml

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