Resurfacing - Rebalancing Cream 75 ml 維他命原B5防晒面霜

Skin Rebalancing Cream 75 ml 維他命原B5防晒 SPF30 面霜


特性 : 平衡及保護肌膚,最理想的保濕及令肌膚舒適的防曬保護面霜,質地輕柔,易於滲透令肌膚即時感覺細緻柔軟。更是最佳的裝前打底霜。此面霜幾乎不含油份,清爽透薄。


活性成分 : REVIVYLTM 刺激幹細胞更生及保護表皮“微細益生菌”

透明質酸: 重整及強化皮膚水份,平滑肌膚表皮

尿素: 重組皮膚酸鹼平衡及柔化膚質

尿囊素: 紓緩及對抗粗糙不平滑

泛醇(維他命原B5): 保濕及活化再生

HA 紓緩系統: 對抗不適及保護細胞


Characteristics: rebalancing and protective, ideal to restore the skin comfort and hydration and protecting it from the sun. With its light, soft texture, this cream is quickly absorbed and provides an instant feeling of wellbeing. Skin looks softer and more supple. It is also an excellent base for make-up.
REVIVYLTM : stimulates stem cell skin renewal and protects the skin microbiome..
HYALURONIC ACID : regulates skin hydration and smoothes the surface of the skin..
UREA : restores the skin’s pH balance and softens the skin.
ALLANTOIN : soothing and anti-chapping.
PANTHENOL (pro-vitamin B5) : hydrating and regenerating.
HA ANTI-IRRITANT SYSTEM : anti-irritant and cell protectant properties.
75ml tube

Resurfacing - Rebalancing Cream 75 ml 維他命原B5防晒面霜

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