Skin 5 has 5 functions : radio frequency, electroporation skin scrubber, soft laser, cryro therapy. it is total skin care line to help effective skin care.




1. Radio Frequency (RF) - Wrinkles and Rejuvenation 

Radio Frequency can normally help skin rejuvenation and lifting. When the electric current go through the body, it generates HEAT inside of body and it helps to improve both blood circulation and lymph circulation. Using this principle, rub your skin in the direction of the muscle in order to stimulate the collagen. The stimulated collagen inside of your body help loosen knotted muscle (and lifting effect as well.) This HEAT activates inner cells to outside of body. In this case, RF Cream is absorbed into the body very well. 


-  Freckles and Whitening Care System.

-  Normalization of hormone secretion.

-  Provide the oxygen to discharge the toxins and waste products.

-  Inhibit secretion of melanin pigment.

-  Anti-acne.

-  Skin Elasticity.

-  Improve blood circulation & lymph circulation.

-  It activates inner cells.


2. Electroporation

Electroporation, or electropermeabilization, is a significant increase in the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane caused by an externally applied electrical field. It is usually used in molecular biology as a way of introducing some substance into a cell, such as loading it with a molecular probe, a drug that can change the cell's function, or a piece of coding DNA.


3. Scrubber

-Skin scrubber eliminates dirt and waste matter in skin pores.

 So, skin whitening and peeling effects are expected.

-Scrubber vibration of 28,000 times every second helps new cells to be generated by removing Keratinocyte, sebum, toxicants, make-up from skin and making nutrients permeate into skin deeply.


4. Soft Laser

The laser is irradiated with laser light, mainly skin blemishes such as spots or pigment disorders part of the improvement, acne or rash, facial flushing and blood vessels, such as improved, fine lines and pores can expect improvement in the elasticity of the function


5. Cryro Therapy

Low-temperature cooling techniques (about -8 ℃ ~ -10 ℃) to improve the skin's pores and fine lines, lifting effect, a treatment for erythema and edema reduction, laser or high-frequency treatment or soothing effect on the skin after iontophoresis treatment help the functions. Five high-frequency skin when using the product, iontophoresis, scrubbers, laser surgery, such as after the last thing you may be used in the final stage.