Moisturizer ACE

注意 : 購買微針產品, 必須持有加拿大認可微針證書方可購買.


Moisturizer ACE with Vitamins A, C & E


Vitamin A can actively contribute to the reduction of wrinkles. Vitamin E is able to minimize the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevents premature aging of the skin. Vitamin C protects against harmful environmental influences. It combats free radicals in the skin that are responsible for destroying healthy cells.



Your skin appears enriched and deeply hydrated, strong and firm, smooth and luminous! With continued use as part of your daily facial care, you will visibly reduce the signs of aging.



Step 1:   Clean the skin thoroughly. We recommend the Dermaroller Skin Cleanser for this.


Step 2:   Apply a serum if required, e.g. Dermaroller Hyal C.


Step 3:   Thinly apply the Moisturizer ACE onto the skin and gently massage it in to help it absorb into the skin. Avoid eye contact.

Moisturizer ACE


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