3D Sculpt Ampoule 3D雕塑緊緻精華 30ml

3D Sculpt Booster - Intensive Firming Concentrate 30ml


深效塑型精華,專門針對鬆散下垂皮膚、對抗自然老化跡象,減退皮膚鬆弛浮腫,並重塑面型輪廓。 即時提升的質感,瞬間撫平肌膚,塑造和提升輪廓。


成份 : 蜂皇再生肽+聚醣•網狀透明質酸技術 5%•基四肽 2%•咖啡因 2%




Characteristics: Intensive sculpting concentrate, combats loss of tone, signs of gravity, sagging skin and defines the contours of the face. The instant tensor-effect texture smooths the skin at first sight, sculpting and lifting the contours of the face. Fragrance-free

ROYALACTIN EPI-peptide, glycans.
cross-linked hyaluronic acid tech 5%: creates an invisible 3D instant lift effect on the surface of the skin.
acetyl tetrapeptide-2 sln 2%: defines the contours of the face and combats sagging skin and the signs of gravity.
caffeine 2%: drains and sculpts and is ideal for defining the lower part of the face and reducing the appearance of a double chin

3D Sculpt Ampoule 3D雕塑緊緻精華 30ml

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