EXY PMU Two Way Pen - Permanent Makeup & Microneedling


EXY PMU Two Way Pen - Permanent Makeup & Microneedling


The slim handpiece is made of aluminum and is slightly heavier than our other handpieces, but it sits extremely comfortably in the hand as a result. You will grow to love its ergonomic design, especially when carrying out longer treatments. The needle cartridges are easy to screw in and are the most eco-friendly in our range. Last but not least, it is very quiet-running and low-vibration – a great plus for your clients.

1. Handy and comportable style

2. Easy to control

3. Can adjust needle length by rotating the body

4. High speed and strong endurance with super stability

5. Can match with any size of needle from EXY

6. Available needles: 1M, 1L, 2F, 3L, 4F, 5R, 5S and MTS

7. Rated Volatage 100 ~ 240V AC / 5V DC

8. Speed  1 ~ 9 Step

9. Weight  76g


Cartridges: 1 Liner cartridge, 3 liner cartridge, 4 flat cartridge and 5 slope cartridge; Adapter; Permanent Makeup Machine

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